About Henry


Thank you for visiting my page. So a little history about myself ... I moved to the USA from Singapore to pursue a degree in Computer Science many summers ago. After graduating from Chico State University with a Computer Science degree, I had the privilege of working in the Silicon Valley for various high tech companies ranging from start ups to much more established and larger corporations developing software. The rigors and challenges of spending long days and nights to crank out quality code, attend design meetings, dealing with the fear of layoffs, and getting laid off(!), as well as working in a team comprising of very bright intelligent individuals, are things very familiar to me. To compound matters, the strenuous pressure inevitably spills into family and other social relationships. The list of projects were seemingly endless and the pressure to produce was just as relentless.


In 2012, I experienced severe burnt out and had to "reorganize" and re-think what my sense of purpose in life is. Then after a final layoff at a different company, I made the decision to make a bold move to begin pursuing studies in the field of counseling at Western Seminary. I was very grateful to graduate with high honors with a Master in Art in Marital & Family Therapy. During that time, I was profoundly introduced to the science of mental health. Since graduating, I have worked in crisis units, mental health residentials, addiction recovery center, and other private settings working with individuals from various ages, cultural and economic stages in life.


In my spare time, I enjoy going for hikes, cycling, playing the guitar, working out at the gym, building websites and software, and doing home projects! I look forward to connecting with you :)


Summary of my journey thus far ...


  • Licensing - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy, CA #123850

  • Professional History

    • Therapist - Christian Counseling Center (Sunnyvale, CA)

    • Therapist - Momentum for Health (San Jose, CA)

    • Program Manager for Co-occuring Diagnosis - The Camp Recovery Center (Scotts Valley, CA)

    • Therapist - Christian Counseling Center (San Jose, CA)

    • Therapist - The King's Academy

    • Software Engineer - Various companies in the Silicon Valley.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy - Western Seminary

    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Chico State University